When you start the game, the first thing you see is the Introduction page.

start page

From there, you can go to the About page to see the list of credits.

about page

You can go to the Manage Players page to set up players and clear sales records.

manage players page

You can go to the Sales Records page to see the sales records for each player.

sales records page

And you can go to the Play Game page to set game options and play the game. Under options, you can choose which operation (counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing), level (1 - 6), and player to play. You can also choose to turn on background music and enter practice mode. In practice mode, you can practice playing the game without any time limits.

game options page

In the game itself, you are either shipping orders or delivering orders. When you are shipping orders, you are on the factory floor and orders are placed as counting, addition, or multiplication problems. Your job is to ship five orders in the time provided. In this example, an order has been placed for “43 + 33” cookies. Since 43 + 33 = 76, you must ship 76 cookies. You do that by tapping on the cookies, stacks of cookies, and boxes of cookies as they move past you on the conveyor belts. There are ten cookies in a stack and one hundred cookies in a box. If you try to ship more than 76 cookies, the counter will reset and you will have to ship the order again.

addition problem

When you are delivering orders, you are on the road and orders are placed as subtraction or division problems. Your job is to deliver either four subtraction orders or three division orders in the time provided. In this example, you have 8 stacks of cookies and 5 boxes of cookies on board your truck, and you must deliver 32 cookies to the first house on your route. To deliver an item, tap on it (the row turns green) and then tap on the house.

subtraction problem

If you need to open a box of cookies or a stack of cookies, double tap on it and the item will open. Here we have double-tapped on a stack of cookies to open it and get ten loose cookies.

opening a stack

In this example, you are delivering a division order: “96 ÷ 4.” This means that you are dividing your entire shipment of 96 cookies equally between 4 separate houses. Since 96 ÷ 4 = 24, each house should get 24 cookies.

division problem

At higher levels, you will be shipping or delivering cartons (thousands), crates (tens of thousands), pallets (hundreds of thousands), and trucks (millions) of cookies. Have fun!