Version 1.4

— Released 9/20/12
  • Provides more guidance in the tutorials.
  • Adds a “How To Play” button to the game options page.
  • Changes the UI of the sales records page.
  • Implements a custom URL scheme.

Version 1.3

— Released 9/12/12
  • Makes it so that a delivery order must be refilled if too many cookies are delivered.
  • Increases the font size for certain numbers so that they are easier to read.
  • Moves certain onscreen elements to highlight the cookie order.
  • Changes the user interface to make navigating between screens easier.
  • Adds directions for starting a new game or continuing a game.
  • Updates the tutorials to reflect the changes to the user interface.
  • Changes the dialog window for clearing a player’s sales records to a native alert.

Version 1.2

— Released 8/31/12
  • Adds a non-active link to an online learning guide.
  • Adds audio and visual feedback to indicate that too many cookies have been added to an order.
  • Fixes graphical artifacts affecting cookie stacks on conveyor belts in levels 3 & 4.
  • Reduces spacing between cookie boxes on conveyor belts in levels 3 & 4.

Version 1.1

— Released 8/17/12
  • Adds an un-timed practice mode.
  • Adds audio feedback to indicate that an order has shipped or been delivered.
  • Saves the game's state to file more frequently.
  • Fixes a bug that could cause the game to hang if a round is cleared just as the timer runs down to zero.

Version 1.0

— Released 8/7/12